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Andrea Merinsky is a designer and artist in Miami, FL from Valencia, Venezuela. Currently pursuing a Masters's Degree in Architecture as a way to cross boundaries in art forms and design.

From an early age, Merinsky has been drawn to the arts and has experimented with studies that have given her the tools to think spatially and creatively. Her interest in history and psychology has also influenced her work conceptually; as well as her innate curiosity for crossing boundaries in art, coming together in her paintings and designs to create a balance of structure and free-flowing energy. Moreover, her interest perspective and order create a three-dimensional atmosphere that juxtaposes organic and proportional forms to produce a dream-like experience of being inside an art piece in both three dimensional and two dimensional work.

She started her art career in 2018 and since then, her work has been published through articles and Magazine covers nationally and internationally, following showcases at the Orlando Museum of Art, SLS Miami South Beach Hotel, Mass District Fort Lauderdale Gallery, Boca Raton's Gallery Lounge, Miami White's Art Gallery, The Luxury Chamber of Commerce, South Beach Miami Gallery at Lincoln Road, and other spaces throughout Florida.

Personal References:


"Andrea has a wealth of information on global communities and religions that relate to the art that was created across the world. As an artist, Andrea soaked up art techniques, mediums, and styles that she now uses as background inspiration for her own creations...Andrea is a contemporary global girl who is fluent in Spanish, English, and French. 

-Gretchen Marfisi


Artist Statement

Merinsky's designs come from a desire to cross boundaries in art. Create a balance of structure and free-flowing energy.  Perspective and order in a three-dimensional atmosphere that combines with organic and abstracted forms to give a sense of floating inside the artwork. Ranging from the human form, architectural designs, atmospheric perspective, and abstracted forms, I look to create an open space for imagination within nature. 



Artists and artistic movements throughout history: Art Noveau movement (Gustav Klimt); Post-Impressionism (Monet and Van Gogh); Antonio Gaudi's mixed design uses from experimental materials, landscape design, color use, balance of structural and organic forms, historic arabesque and gothic forms with innovative structures; MC Escher. And contemporary design's use of light: Felipe Pantone, Daniel Arsham, Carlos Cruz Diez, and Olafur Eliasson.


All coming from a large selection of photographs, sketchbook designs, art history background, and architecture studies joined to create new ways of seeing in diverse perspectives to cross artistic boundaries

Many things can be seen through art but the most important is what stands out to each one of us and speaks personally, which is what makes the most special pieces special.



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